Research projects currently underway

i-CLARE Intelligent remediation system

for removal of harmful contaminants in water using modified reticulated vitreous carbon foams – NCBR NOR/POLNOR/i-CLARE/0038/2019 Project value: 6,482,375.06 EUR (IBMM, technical University of Gdańsk, Norwegian Institute for Air Research and SensDx S.A.)


„BladderDx – Rapid and non-invasive test for early diagnosis of bladder cancer” – NCBR. POIR.04.01.02-00-0018 / 18-00. Project value: 2,195,626.68 EUR (IBMM and UroScan Sp. z o.o.)


Consortium QUNNA – University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, Gdańsk University of Technology and the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine – QUNNA project „Nanosensory and imaging using quantum effects – synergy of glass and diamond for applications in the new biodiagnostics generation ” – TEAM-NET Foundation on thing of Polish Science. Contract number: POIR.04.04.00-00-1644 / 18-00. Project value: 4,094,897.67 EUR


„Multifunctional composite material with antimicrobial and pro-regenerative properties for bone tissue reconstruction (GlassPoPep)” – TechMatStrateg (NCBR). Project value: 1,523,899.93 EUR